Marine fishes of Myanmar


Marine fishes of Myanmar by Mya Than Tun


The Union of Myanmar situated in 10° N longitude to 28° N Longitude and 92° E Lattitiude to 101° E

Lattitude has a long coastline approximately 1800 km, and varied aquatic resources.

Fish is a major source of animal protein for the increasing population. In the past the role of marine

fisheries sector was to fulfill the domestic demand. The fisheries and related industries were

developing rapidly year by year, and currently it a major foreign exchange earning industry.

Research on Myanmar’s marine resources was first carried out by Ba Kyaw in 1956, followed by Hilda

& Pereya in 1969, and Druzhinin in 1972. Systematic estimation of fish biomass was conducted in the

EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) with FAO- assigned Research Vessel ” RV Dr. Fridtjof Nansen” in 1979

and 1980. Exploratory fishing and acoustic data were collected and analyzed by FAO and Myanmar


FAO & PEOPLE’s Pearl and Fishereis Corporation (PPFC) conducted additional biomass survey in 1981

and 1983, jointly. (Marine Fisheries Resources Survey and Exploratory Fishing Project Bur / 77 / 003).

During the project, stern trawler MFV 525 conducted exploratory trawling for the appraisal of

demersal fishes. Four survey cruises were undertaken in final leg of the project. Estimation of

standing biomass, MSY, (Maximum Sustainable Yield) of marine fishes and Trawlability Chart were

achieved as a result of the project……

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