Conservation Status of Freshwater Turtles in Meinmahla Kyun Wildlife Sanctuary and Vicinity,Myanmar

By John Thorbjarnarson,Steven G. Platt and Saw Tun Khaing ABSTRACT We conducted a status survey of freshwater turtles in the southem Ayeyarwady Delta, Myanmar,f rom 15 January to 1F ebruary 1999. The endemic Burmese eyed-turtle (Morenia ocellata) was the only species we found. Morenia ocellata are harvested in the delta for local use and export [...]

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Ayeyawady dolphin population grows to 76

A SURVEY in February has found that there are now 76 Ayeyarwady dolphins in the conservation areas of the Ayeyarwady River, an increase from 69 found in the last survey. Ayeyawady dolphins are a critically endangered species. Seven new dolphins, including two babies, were spotted by conservationists from the Fisheries Department and the Wildlife Conservation [...]

သတင္းေပးပါ ႀကိဳးၾကာ သိုိ႔မဟုတ္ ႀကိဳးၾကာေခၚသံ

ႀကိဳးၾကာငွက္သိုက္တစ္ခုကို ေရနက္ကြင္း၊ နတ္စပါးေတာထဲရွိ ျမက္ကလုံးပင္မ်ားေပၚတြင္ ႀကိဳးၾကာဥ ႏွစ္လုံး ဥထားသည္ကို ကိုေစာမ်ဳိးက လိုက္ျပသည္။ ကိုေစာမ်ဳိးက ထိုႀကိဳးၾကာအသိုက္ကို ၀မ္းေရးအတြက္ ၿမဳံးေထာင္း သြားရာက ေတြ႕ရွိထားျခင္းျဖစ္သည္။ “ၿမံဳးေထာင္းသြားရင္းနဲ႔ ဒီအသိုက္ကို ကၽြန္ေတာ္ ေတြ႕ထားတာပါ။အဲဒါနဲ႔ တင္ျမ( သူ႔ ဇနီး) က ဆရာတို႔ ေဟာေျပာပြဲသြားနားေထာင္းရင္းနဲ႔ ႀကိဳးၾကာအသိုက္ေတြ႕ရင္း သတင္းေပးဖို႔ ေျပာတယ္ဆိုတာနဲ႔ ကၽြန္ေတာ္ သတင္းေပးတာ” ဟု ခပ္လွမ္းလွမ္းမွ ႀကိဳးၾကာငွက္မႀကီးကို ၾကည့္၍ အသက္ ၃၂အရြယ္ရွိ  ကိုေစာမ်ဳိးက ကၽြန္ေတာတို႔အဖြဲ႕ကို  ေျပာသည္။ ႀကိဳးၾကာငွက္မ်ဳိးစိတ္သည္ ကမာၻတစ္၀ွမ္းတြင္ မ်ဳိးစိတ္မ်ားစြာရွိေသာ္လည္း ဧရာ၀တီျမစ္၀ကၽြန္း ေပၚ ေဒသရွိ ႀကိဳးၾကာေခါင္းနီငွက္မ်ဳိးစိတ္မ်ားမွာ ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံတြင္သာမက တစ္ကမာၻလုံးတြင္လည္း မ်ဳိးသုဥ္းမႈ အႏၱရာယ္က်ေရာက္ေနေသာ မ်ိဳးစိတ္ျဖစ္သည္။ အဆိုပါ ငွက္မ်ဳိးစိတ္သည္ ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံတြင္ အေကာင္ေရ [...]

DNA testing challenges traditional species classification

Myanmar (20/06/16) - Experts from (WCS) Wildlife Conservation Society and the National University of Singapore (NUS) have made a surprising discovery that could subvert the significance of traditional criteria used for species classification. Employing novel techniques to retrieve DNA sequences from thousands of genomic locations, the researchers were able to uncover an unusual case of [...]

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Dolphins, Our River Allies

In the waters of the Irrawaddy river, traditional fishermen and wild dolphins work in harmony to fish. Will the threats facing the river allow this traditional relationship to survive? Listed in Appendix I of CITES, and listed as vulnerable by the IUCN, the Irrawaddy dolphin persists in fragmented populations across its range countries. Photo: [...]

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Burmese Peacock Softshell Turtle

The Burmese Peacock Softshell Turtle (Nilssonia formosa), endemic to the Ayeyarwady, Sittaung, and Thanlwin rivers in Myanmar, is one of the least-studied and most enigmatic of Asian trionychids. WCS and Turtle Survival have recently examined 14 neonate N. formosa at the Yadanabon Zoological Gardens in Mandalay, Myanmar. Although virtually nothing is known regarding reproduction in [...]

Dolphin Conservation and Economic Development, a successful story

A new survey from WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) Myanmar on the population of the Irrawaddy dolphin (Orcaella brevirostris) has confirmed their stable population in Myanmar, now counting 61 adult and 4 baby dolphins. The population size of Irrawaddy dolphins is now used as a marker for the overall health of the river basin. This iconic [...]

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