President U Htin Kyaw warns against illegal wildlife poaching

While attending the World Environment Day ceremony in Nay Pyi Taw on June 6, President U Htin Kyaw warned bystanders of the Conservation Department “You must take action to stop it. You really need to do it.” “Wildlife poaching and smuggling could damage the ecosystem and fuel gang crimes,” the president said. “Until the past [...]

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Myanmar targets closure of notorious wildlife trade hub on Chinese border

7 June 2016: Myanmar authorities plan to shut down a notorious border town where exotic animal parts are sold openly, an official said on Tuesday, as Southeast Asia struggles to stem a billion-dollar wildlife trade fuelled by Chinese demand. Mong La, a lawless border town located in rebel-held territory in Myanmar’s Shan state, is a [...]

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Watch Myanmar Forest loss in realtime

In 2014 alone, Myanmar has lost 1050 square kilometers (259443 ha) of tree cover, over one eighth of the total loss in the previous 13 years. Scientists have been studying forests for centuries, documenting the vital importance of these ecosystems for human society. But most of us still lack timely and reliable information about where, [...]

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International Wildlife Crime Operation Rescues Stolen Burmese Star Tortoises

Bangkok, Thailand, Dec. 29, 2015  – Two suspects have been arrested in Thailand in connection with the sale of critically endangered Burmese star tortoises on Facebook, reports the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA). Seven tortoises were confiscated from the home of one of the suspects upon his arrest on December 22 [...]

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Challenges of Climate Change Adaptation for Biodiversity

There are clear challenges associated with uncertainty of forecasts, variability of climate impacts, and limited understanding of climate change impacts on biodiversity that influence our ability to develop strategies aimed at making species and ecosystems resilient to climate change in Myanmar. First, although the physics of global warming are well known and understood, the predictive [...]

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People, Biodiversity and Climate Change

The short and long term impacts of climate change will exacerbate existing threats to biodiversity in Myanmar through direct mechanisms as listed in Figure 7 as well indirectly, through its impacts on humans and their dependence on the products and services produced by terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems. Climate change is anticipated to impact human [...]

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Impacts of Climate Change on Biodiversity in Myanmar

Climate change poses major new challenges to biodiversity conservation, as species will be exposed to climate changes at a rate and magnitude seldom previously experienced, with direct consequences for ecosystem assemblages and the services they provide to humanity (Watson et al. 2011b). The impacts of climate change on biodiversity can be divided into discrete acute [...]

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The Threat of Climate Change in Myanmar

There is increasing evidence that human-forced climate change is having short and long term consequences for ecosystems and human communities (IPCC 2007a). Global mean temperatures have increased 0.2?C per decade since the 1970s, and global mean precipitation increased 2% in the last 100 years with a high probability of warming of more than 2°C over [...]

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