Reptiles conservation in Myanmar

Tortoises Four species of tortoises are known to occur in Myanmar: Geochelone platynota, Manouria emys, Manouria impressa, and Indotestudo elongata. Of these, all are threatened to some extent by a combination of subsistence and commercial harvesting, over-collection for the pet trade, and to a lesser extent, habitat destruction. Conversion of natural vegetation to agricultural land [...]

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ျမင္းၿခံခ႐ိုင္၊ ႏြားထိုးႀကီးၿမိဳ႕နယ္၊ မင္းစံုေတာင္ေဘးမဲ႔ေတာ အတြင္းတြင္ က်င္းပေသာ (တတိယအႀကိမ္ ) ေျမာက္ ၾကယ္လိပ္အေကာင္(၃၀၀) အား သဘာဝေတာအတြင္းသို႔ ေဘးမဲ႔ ေစလႊတ္ျခင္း

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A Challenging Year in the Fight to Save Myanmar’s Critically Endangered Turtles

By Steve and Kalyar Platt The Turtle Survival Alliance/Wildlife Conserva¬tion Society (TSA/WCS) Team faced challenges on many fronts this past year in the unrelent¬ing struggle to save the imperiled turtles and tortoises of Myanmar. Our principle efforts remain focused on spe¬cies endemic, or nearly so, to Myanmar, namely the Burmese Star Tortoise (Geochelone platyno¬ta), Burmese [...]

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Turtle Size Matters

The maximum body size of Elongated tortoise (Indotestudo elongata) is relevant from evolutionary and ecological perspectives, and knowledge of upper asymptotic size is a necessary prerequisite for understanding patterns of growth (Platt and Rainwater 2015. Herpetol. Rev. 46:31–33 and references therein). Indotestudo elongata is a medium-sized tortoise occurring from Nepal and northeastern India, east through [...]

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Successful nesting for the endangered Myanmar Roofed Turtle

With the demise of Lonesome George (Chelonoidis nigra), the Burmese Roofed Turtle (Batagur trivittata) now has the dubious honor of being among the most endangered turtles in the world - first place on "extinction row" belongs to the Giant Chinese Softshell Turtle – Rafetus swinhoei; only three are known to survive. Officially, "less than 10" [...]

Burmese Peacock Softshell Turtle

The Burmese Peacock Softshell Turtle (Nilssonia formosa), endemic to the Ayeyarwady, Sittaung, and Thanlwin rivers in Myanmar, is one of the least-studied and most enigmatic of Asian trionychids. WCS and Turtle Survival have recently examined 14 neonate N. formosa at the Yadanabon Zoological Gardens in Mandalay, Myanmar. Although virtually nothing is known regarding reproduction in [...]

New Burmese Roofed Turtle assurance colony established

The WCS/TSA Turtle Team recently established a third Burmese Roofed Turtle (Batagur trivittata) assurance colony at an outpost of the Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary in the riverside hamlet of Htamanthi, Myanmar. With less than 10 adults remaining in the wild, the Burmese Roofed Turtle is considered the second-most endangered species of turtle in the world. Two [...]

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International Wildlife Crime Operation Rescues Stolen Burmese Star Tortoises

Bangkok, Thailand, Dec. 29, 2015  – Two suspects have been arrested in Thailand in connection with the sale of critically endangered Burmese star tortoises on Facebook, reports the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA). Seven tortoises were confiscated from the home of one of the suspects upon his arrest on December 22 [...]

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Tracking Arakan Forest Turtles in Myanmar

As is often the case, the Rakhine Yoma Elephant Sanctuary (RYER) in Myanmar provides refuge for a number of species beyond elephants. Here, a population of secretive Arakan Forest Turtles (Heosemys depressa) is providing clues to the species natural history that will prove valuable for conservation efforts in the future. Hein Htet Lwin, a Phd [...]

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World’s Second Most Endangered Turtle on Road to Recovery

Yangon, Myanmar (April 10, 2015) – WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) and the Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) announced today that 60 captive-raised Myanmar roofed turtles—a species once thought extinct—have been released into their native habitat in Myanmar. More than 350 villagers, government representatives, and religious leaders attended ceremonies for the release. "This is the first chapter [...]

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Burmese roofed turtles return to the wild

Kalyar Platt (TSA Myanmar) and I returned to Yangon this week after spending two and a half months undertaking what can only be described as one of the most rewarding experiences of our professional careers – the reintroduction of 60 head-started Burmese Roofed Turtles (Batagur trivittata) into two rivers in western Myanmar. For me, it [...]