Fisheries conservation in Myanmar

The conservation status of fish in Myanmar is poorly understood. Most species that have been assessed are widespread marine species. There are two fish species that are listed as Critically Endangered. The Irrawaddy River Shark Glyphis siamensis is possibly extinct it is only known from a single specimen collected in 1896 near Yangon (Barnett et [...]

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Ayeyawady dolphin population grows to 76

A SURVEY in February has found that there are now 76 Ayeyarwady dolphins in the conservation areas of the Ayeyarwady River, an increase from 69 found in the last survey. Ayeyawady dolphins are a critically endangered species. Seven new dolphins, including two babies, were spotted by conservationists from the Fisheries Department and the Wildlife Conservation [...]

Securing marine fisheries, livelihoods and biodiversity in Myanmar through co-management

Myanmar’s marine resources have long provided sustenance to its coastal people. Over 25,000 small-scale fishing vessels are registered to fish its coastline and nearly half of the country’s population lives in coastal states and regions. Despite fisheries’ importance, Myanmar has limited capacity for sustainable management. This overexploitation has resulted in drastic declines of stocks; a [...]

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Dolphins, Our River Allies

In the waters of the Irrawaddy river, traditional fishermen and wild dolphins work in harmony to fish. Will the threats facing the river allow this traditional relationship to survive? Listed in Appendix I of CITES, and listed as vulnerable by the IUCN, the Irrawaddy dolphin persists in fragmented populations across its range countries. Photo: [...]

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