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Tiger in Myanmar Culture

The sound of “Kyarr” meaning Tiger is exclamation of power, brave and strength in Myanmar culture. In some Myanmar dictionary, the word “Kyarr” is defined as a big cat species whose body is covered with yellow and black stripes. In the daily used materials and tools, Kyarr or Tiger term is also involved. For example: Tigers Mouth (Kyarr Pasat – used for one kind of fishing tools, entrance to jail, or one kind of beautiful flowers, and big mouth trap), chasing the tail of Tiger (Kyarr Mee Swe – used for the dangerous condition), and Tiger Nail (Kyarr Latthe – used for one kind of sea food). In addition, another term for “Kyarr” is also used for the Men, supports poles in buildings, and one kind of sports like Chess. Read more Tigers_and Myanmar Culture

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