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Project Description

Myanmar Marine Biodiversity Atlas

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The Republic of the Union of Myanmar possesses an extensive coastline and marine realm, with vast marine resources at its disposal. These natural resources have played an essential role in Myanmar’s history and will continue to play an integral part in the country’s future. Indeed, Myanmar’s rapid social and economic development will bring about greater demands on its marine resources and habitats, along with opportunities for conservation and research and a stronger regulatory environment supported through international cooperation.

The Myanmar Marine Biodiversity Atlas (Edition 1: December 2016) seeks to illustrate the current state of marine resources in Myanmar through spatial information and lay a foundation for future marine spatial planning (MSP) and conservation activities. The maps presented detail Myanmar’s physical marine environment, oceanography, marine habitats, biodiversity and fisheries, in addition to important human influences that will play a role in shaping the country’s marine environment.

As this Marine Biodiversity Atlas is continually developed, the various data layers will be made available to government departments and stakeholders through a Geographic Information System (GIS) and an online portal. Each map will be made available electronically as an ArcMap map package, forming a living database, so that new data layers can be added as and when they become available. It is anticipated that these data will greatly facilitate informed decision-making by regulators, inform Initial Environmental Examinations and Environmental Impact Assessments, and provide the platform for marine spatial planning. It is our goal that the Atlas will serve to benefit biodiversity, the economy and citizens of Myanmar, and its regional neighbours long into the future.

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