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2003 Myanmar Tiger action plan
This report is the synthesis of a three-year research conducted jointly by the Myanmar Forest Department and the Wildlife Conservation Society with funding from the US National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and ExxonMobile’s “Save The Tiger Fund”.

The document details what is needed to save Myanmar’s tigers from extinction and so provides a valuable prospectus for future conservation. It will become a part of the Myanmar forest policy for recovery of the species. The Tiger represents many things to Myanmar people and to the Union of Myanmar and it’s natural wilderness. It is a national symbol for the country, a flagship for conservation, an indicator of intact and healthy forest ecosystems, and a keystone species upon which other biodiversity and the forest itself are dependent.

Despite their importance, the status of Myanmar’s tiger population was uncertain for many years due to poaching for the trade in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), hunting of their prey species, and forest clearance to meet human needs at the expense of wildlife. In the absence of detailed knowledge about where tigers live and how they are threatened in those places, plans to conserve the species were thwarted.

Download the full report here: 2003 Myanmar Tiger action plan

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