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Project Description

2014 SMART Training Report

This report consolidates findings and teaching material developed for the 2014 National SMART training conducted at the Forestry Research Institute, Yezin, Myanmar on 13–16 October 2014. Attendees included protected area rangers responsible for the management, analysis and reporting of patrol data.

A total of 30 participants from 18 protected areas joined the workshop. Joining this training empowered regular officers located in nature reserves and parks to become involved in patrol data entry and analysis, eventually allowing for an improved management of patrols within the Nature and Wildlife Conservation Division of the Forest Department of the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry, which has direct responsibility for managing data coming from conservation sites.

The course covered the following areas: the philosophy of adaptive patrol management and the role SMART plays in facilitating this; how to use the SMART software (V3.0.2) and adapt it to the needs of the site. Overall, both the training and the SMART software were well received with 99% of respondents agreeing that the SMART approach to law enforcement monitoring (LEM) is relevant and useful to their conservation site and 99% agreeing that they can apply the knowledge and skills learnt to their work.

The course was taught by Tony Lynam, with support from Saw Htun and Than Zaw. Saw Htoo Tha Po, Annie Chit and the FRI staff provided logistical support.

Download the full report here: 2014 SMART Training Report.pdf

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