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Batagur trivittata - dichromatic coloration (2017) TRACHYCEPHALUS TYPHONIUS (Veined Treefrog) and DERMATONOTUS MUELLERI (Mueller’s Termite Frog). INTERSPECIFIC AMPLEXUS AND NECROPHILIA. Cases of interspecific amplexus are found between living and dead individuals of many anuran species [...]

Myanmar Marine Biodiversity Atlas


Click here to download the full Myanmar Marine Biodiversity Atlas. The Republic of the Union of Myanmar possesses an extensive coastline and marine realm, with vast marine resources at its disposal. These natural [...]

Marine Spatial Planning Strategy


To download the English language Marine Spatial Planning Strategy click here. To download the Myanmar language Marine Spatial Planning Strategy click here. Myanmar is the largest country in mainland Southeast Asia with a long coastline [...]

Sun bear conservation


Let the Sun shine in our forests Stretching over 2,150 sq km in the northern Sagaing region, the Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the last habitats where the threatened Sun bear (Helarctos malayanus) survives [...]

Clouded leopard conservation


Clouded leopards (Neofelis nebulosa) are a native species of Myanmar currently with vulnerable status due to a number of threats including direct exploitation (wildlife trade), range fragmentation, and reduction in habitat quality. The Wildlife Conservation Society [...]